Solar Energy Has Never Been Easier and More Affordable Than Today.

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We’re here for you every step of the way. Find out why we’re the ideal partner when it comes to getting solar energy installed in your home.


Saving Money Means Earning Money With Ethos Energy

Tired of micromanaging your lights and A/C? It’s time for solar with Ethos Energy!

Open your utility bills with a smile when you go solar! Ethos Energy can help you start saving immediately as you enjoy more power, less utility costs and a locked-in rate that shields you from rising energy costs. To get started, click our link below and to one of our Ethos Energy Solar Experts today!

Why Get Solar Installed At Home?

Solar energy simply means a better deal.


Save More Money

Getting solar installed in your home is no longer a thing for a few people. It’s never been more affordable. You save today, you earn tomorrow and you can start with zero money down.


Enjoy Your Comforts

Run that A/C, charge your car, heat your pool and do it without the worry of high utility bills. Getting solar in your home means bringing comfort into your life.


Free Yourself

Ethos Energy helps free you from depending on an energy system riddled with high rates and increases over time. Rely on your home and not on utility companies.

Ethos Energy and You   

We’re not some megacorp who will ignore you. We’re local. We’re your neighbors. And we’re the best in the industry

Customized Pricing

With Ethos Energy, you get to choose what you pay for. The system, the parts, everything. We’re with you every step of the way. Most people qualify for zero no out-of pocket costs. Contact us to find out how!

Ethos Energy Experience

Our experience vibrates from top to bottom. Our founders are veterans. Our techs are vastly experienced and educated on all things solar. And our customer service team will feel like family!

Fast Consultation and Quotes

Our team is local but our system can generate a quote and consultation from our office to your home. We’re local, remote, and can install your solar when you’re ready.

Ethos Energy and You

We work with our clients and offer an incredible customer service experience. We're here to build long term relationships. And we can't wait to see how we can next level your solar game!

Reviews From Our Ethos Friends!

See what our clients have said about Ethos Energy. We’re founded in Arizona. We live and breathe all things solar.

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We don’t look for clients, we look for long-term relationships

You earn with solar and you earn with Ethos Energy too! Get rewarded when you refer us to your friends, family, neighbors, whoever! To refer someone is simple, give them our information and have them say you referred them and get paid!

Earn up to $1000

The first person you refer to us is a special one and we will pay you something to remember it by

Earn up to $500

After your first referral, every person who signs up with Ethos Energy means you continue to earn!

Our Territory

Solar installation from coast to coast.

Earn $1000

When your first referral goes solar with Ethos Energy.

Earn $500

For every subsequent referral who goes solar with Ethos Energy- no limits!


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